I truly believe that everyone should do this course at least once but preferably twice! I found it explained things I hadn’t even thought I didn’t understand. If people had more of an understanding of Mindfulness then all relationships (with ourselves, personal and professional) would be greatly improved.”

Lovely balance between teaching, practices, one on one and group sharing. Many thanks for accommodating requests to join online sometimes and providing recordings. Many thanks for creating a safe environment, with dim calming lights , non judgemental and caring . Great not to be forced to wear a mask and have a sense of normality and community.”

Gary was a great host for mindfulness, he was always very calm, kind and level-headed and you could tell that he himself benefits from these practises and so it was very encouraging to be doing this course with him guiding us through.”

This course has taught me to be more open minded and accepting for sure! Sometimes it’s so hard for us not to just jump straight into a negative thought about something or when we think of a past negative experience we tend to immediately block it out…. But I’ve learnt that these tactics really hinder us from moving on and mindfulness has taught me to let these moments flow through our mind during meditation and look at them with a new perspective.”

I am overwhelmingly calmer in all aspects of my life – coincidentally, this was my main intention when beginning the course. Each week, seeds were planted and nourished, allowing me to recognise my own self limiting patterns of thinking and behaviour. I feel as though I have slowed my life down, pressed pause, and found joy and contentment in the most simple of places. In the midst of recovery from mental health issues, burnout, trauma and maintaining a challenging career, I have established boundaries and prioritise self care. I no longer feel such strong, prolonged physical and emotional reactions to stress, anxiety and frustration. I am kinder to my family, friends and colleagues, but most importantly myself. I have learned true life skills.”

Thank you for the course! I found the guided practises fantastically beneficial and I truly appreciated the support. The group leaders and participants were open and lovely people. I would like to do more training.”

The course has made me much more aware of the undercurrent of my thoughts and feelings. That has been challenging, however I am glad that this has happened as it has given me a deeper understanding of what I am going through. I am looking forward to coming out the other end and being happy with things as they arise just the way they are.”

I feel very grateful to have heard about the course through my friend. Gary presented the material in a really relaxed yet informative way. I really looked forward to my Monday evenings. As the course progressed I felt excited to implement the techniques and practices. the course has really helped me through a very challenging time in my life. Thank you.  I have and will continue to recommend the course to people I know.”

I really enjoyed the course and found it very useful. I thought Gary was very approachable and was a lovely instructor. His passion for mindfulness was so clear and this definitely added to the value of the course. I had done a lot of reading about mindfulness and had practised by myself for a couple of years but the 8 week course was so valuable in really honing in on what mindfulness could mean in my life. Some of the concepts (like self compassion) just seemed to click where they hadn’t before. The accountability of the class every week really helped me to develop a sustainable practice.”

I found the theory that was delivered in the course so fascinating and could identify with it all – it all made so much sense. It helped me understand a lot of things that have been going on in my life and how I can change. It has definitely helped me to be able to sit back a little bit and see how I react to things and make a few changes.”

8 Week Mindfulness Course Attendees

“I’ve been stressed lately with planning for a house move and a toddler who naturally needs a lot of me, so the retreat was time to take a moment to myself. The day itself was a break from the madness of the last few months and I truly enjoyed reconnecting with my breath and body. At the end of the day I felt refreshed but tired. On reflection though, the real benefits have been felt in the days afterwards. I have found increased calm and tolerance, and less anger over the little things. Things that would have caused a stress response before the retreat are now sitting more easily and I can respond in a balanced and thoughtful way.” 

“The retreat is a wonderful way to boost your own self-care regime, it allows you to just ‘be’ in the moment and offers a chance for restoration and reflection.”

“Being new to mindfulness and meditation, the retreat is a must for those looking for strategies to manage a wandering mind. The duration of practice sessions is perfect for that.”

“Committing to seven hours of chill time means you really do it, and it is a good immersive experience.”

“Gary and Craig held a beautiful and safe space for us to connect to ourselves and each other. The retreat was led with variety of techniques to encourage our own mindfulness experience. Superb experience and valued immensely. Will most certainly be back!”

“What I enjoyed most about this retreat was the human connection, togetherness and fun. All the movement exercises and meditation practices were excellent. The group was very safely held and supported by both facilitators. The timings of both days were excellent; a perfect balance between activities and breaks with the fabulous bonus of delicious and nutritious snacks.”

A very restful weekend, giving myself a chance to unwind and feel nurtured, physically emotionally and spiritually.”

Attending the retreat allowed me to indulge in a full day of self-care! With such a variety of mindfulness practices and movement you come away with a wonderful sense of wellbeing and restoration.”

The retreat was set up from the beginning to be a very welcoming environment. There was a beautiful range of practices that allowed for a deeper mindful experiences. I liked that there was an invitation for participants to be guided by their own needs and take breaks if they need them. Gary and Craig provided an atmosphere of kindness, openness and genuine interest on the experience of group participants.”

The retreat allowed me to pause and reconnect with a group of lovely people. It has left me feeling refreshed with more confidence to step back into the busy routine taking just one step at a time.”

Mindfulness Based Wellbeing Retreat Attendees

“At the time I was severely depressed. Gary understood my needs and got to the root problem of my depression. Through a unique and individual meditation Gary walked me through and talked me through healing some old pain.

Immediately after this meditation I felt a sensation of physical weight being lifted from my shoulders, it’s hard to explain to people who haven’t experienced this kind of relief before (as I hadn’t). I felt like I had healed the trauma of rejection from a young age.

Since this experience I have gone on to have a successful and loving relationship for the first time in a very long time.

On top of that, Gary is an awesome mindfulness coach and gives great practices that work for the individual in their day to day lives”

“I was able to understand why I was feeling the way that I did and then take control of it. Ultimately made me more resilient and a better person to be around. I was stronger, happier and more content after just a few sessions.

I have also been given life skills that will support me for the long term. Gary doesn’t offer quick fixes, but long term solutions”

“I am grateful for finding Gary and the Mindful Enterprise at a time when things were difficult in my life. They showed me compassion right from the start and listened to me with an open heart.

Both group work and one to ones have helped me make the steps I needed to deal with real life situations and feel like a more complete person. Will never forget the kindness they showed me.

I remember at the time I was feeling lost and feeling lack of connection. The mindfulness course itself gave me the chance to connect with like minded people who wanted to also learn and take care of themselves which at the time felt rare as I was only doing work on my own and had nobody else to talk about things. I finally had the chance to express myself but also with the help of the course go deep into group meditation for the first time which was a whole new experience on its own.

This journey has helped me grow faster than I could have done on my own, have a greater self connection and also a long Iasting friendship and partnership with my teachers”

“By Transforming the way I approach everyday situations in my business but also in my personal life. Its made me a stronger person while becoming a better leader”

“Combining the 8 week mindfulness course along with 1-2-1 sessions with Gary, I instantly felt a weight lift from my shoulders as I have been provided with the tools to better understand and cope with my mental wellbeing.

Gary provided an outlook on my past which led me to understand the reason and journey I was on to almost burnout. Although still working on understanding and navigating better mental wellbeing related to work, I have seen the benefits from working with Gary.

My relationship with my partner has a a new lease of life and I can see how what I have learned and the changes I have made will benefit the relationship between me and my son as he grows.

Finding a way to manage thoughts has allowed me to find a solution of getting a full nights sleep and not being stuck in frantic thoughts at 3am in the morning.

I am still on a journey but without Gary’s input I would still be at the beginning lost without any direction”

“Gary’s support allowed me to process trauma, apply perspective, and understand how my childhood had influenced my feelings and decisions as an adult.

Once I begun to piece the jigsaw together, he gave me the skills to navigate my own mind, teaching me how to apply mindfulness into my day to day, and most importantly, he somehow taught me how to forgive and forget.

I met Gary at probably the lowest point in my life. I had issues with commitment, couldn’t process trauma, was verging on the edge of insomnia and self medicating with alcohol.

Nowadays, I am sober, have a beautiful family and I have rediscovered my passions and general zest for life. There’s no doubt in my mind that Gary’s support was a massive enabler for me”

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