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The Mindful Enterprise Individual Health
The Mindful Enterprise Individual Mindfulness
The Mindful Enterprise Individual Mindfulness
The Mindful Enterprise Individual Mindfulness
The Mindful Enterprise Individual Health

Making Mindfulness more Accessible

The practice of mindfulness holds great potential for individuals and our society as a whole. Backed up by a strong body of scientific research, mindfulness has been one of the most significant developments in mental health practice since the turn of the millennium.

The reported benefits can be wide ranging and include; greater focus, increased cognitive function, better sleep, reduced stress, increased resilience, less emotional reactivity, enhanced relationships and increased overall wellbeing.

Mindfulness allows us to connect more deeply with ourselves, others and the world around us, providing greater capacity for compassion, understanding and self-control, helping us to be our best.

The capacity for mindfulness is innate within us all, we just need to remember how to activate it, which comes from developing a consistent personal practice.

Much of our life is spent thinking, which can be useful but it can also be problematic. In our modern day, fast paced world we’re often over stimulated with many competing sources of distraction and we can have a tendency to worry and dwell on the past. Mindfulness gives us the awareness and the tools to manage our experience of the present moment with non-judgmental, curious acceptance, so we can respond skilfully to whatever arises, be that good or bad.

Mindfulness has been described as a radical act of self-love and perhaps one of the best commitments we can make to ourselves and others.

If you’re looking to explore mindfulness, we’d love to be part of your journey and we can support you in any of the following ways:

    Mindfulness Based Living Course (MBLC)

    • Available online (live) and in-person
    • Gold standard entry level course to support the development of a personal practice that can be applied in both personal and professional life
    • Particularly beneficial in helping participants who are experiencing overwhelm, worry, anger, sadness, fear or looking for more clarity and peace of mind.  
    • One 2hr class per week for eight weeks
    • Group course

    The Embodied Practitioner Course

    • Available online (live)
    • Follow on to the MBLC course to support deepening personal practice of mindfulness and compassion
    • One 1.5hr class per week for seven weeks

    Group Retreats

    • Available online (live) and in-person
    • Half and full days
    • Immersive day of practice to nourish mind, body and soul

    Mind Gym Membership

    • Live and pre-recorded weekly practice sessions
    • Entry to half day quarterly retreats

    1-1 Coaching

    • Provides a safe space for individuals to discuss any mental health, wellbeing or life difficulties and look objectively at habits, behaviours and beliefs to identify opportunities to unlock potential, improve health and increase fulfilment.

    • Our coaches have particular expertise in mental health, mindfulness, emotional wellbeing and personal transformation.


    “Thanks so much for such a wonderful and life changing experience!”

    Mindfulness Course Attendee

    Start or deepen your mindfulness journey with us